Homecoming – an e-book novel from The Wild Rose Press - mainstream women’s fiction.

When family illness forces Julie Loring to return home to North Carolina from New York, she intends to make the speediest possible escape. Her hope to avoid seeing old love Dan Williams is dashed the first night back in their small town...

Still in love with Julie, not knowing why she ran off twelve years before, Dan wants her as his wife and mother to his child. Though Julie warns she's not changed, neither of them can deny the sparks that fly between them.

But Julie left with a secret -- one she's certain will destroy any chance they might have to make a life together.



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Goddess Goodies – an e-book novel from Ellora's Cave Blush - mainstream women’s fiction.

Diana Lambert returns home from a business trip to find Melinda, her trusted young assistant, and Derek, her trusted middle-age husband, playing house. Melinda, who’s pregnant with Derek’s child – Diana is childless -- has moved into Diana’s house. Diana soon learns the new couple also plans a business coup. After they take over Diana’s Delights, the successful business built on her family recipes, Diana will be out.

Stunned and devastated, Diana looks to family and friends to help her regroup. Along the way, she meets Ben, a man she’s more attracted to than she wants to admit, and she bands together with friends whom Derek has fired. Derek and Melinda appear to be unstoppable. But when Diana learns they’re using inferior ingredients in Diana’s Delights products, she gets in touch with her inner goddess and begins to fight back.

Is it too little, too late? Can this goddess rebuild a new life from the ashes of the old?



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TV Bride – an e-book novel - contemporary romantic comedy.

What happens when TV’s THE BACHELOR meets The GODFATHER?

Samantha Parker, a photographer with trust issues, and Nick Ryan, a cynical writer, fall in love on a nationally televised wedding reality show --“Here Comes the Bride”-- which culminates in his marriage proposal... to another woman. Will Samantha and Nick be able to overcome old patterns, family problems, the San Francisco Bay Area housing shortage, and the stress of media focus to be together? Of course -- with lots of bumps and bruises along the way.